Alexandra Wilcox

Alexandra M. Wilcox is a San Antonio, TX native with a degree in Government and minor in Spanish from Harvard University (’11). After graduation, Alexandra began work with a New York child welfare agency focused on the needs of low-income families with medically fragile children.  As a bilingual caseworker, Alexandra worked with families from many of New York City’s immigrant and non-immigrant neighborhoods and developed a cultural competency committee within the organization. When Alexis asked Alexandra to co-found Leading Through Reading in 2012, she knew it would be the perfect place to further cultivate her passions for social services, empowering practices, and international work. Alexandra also serves as the Director of Operations for Colvard Learning, an education technology start-up. Additionally, she is a Master of International Affairs degree candidate at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, where she studies human rights and humanitarian policy.

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